FIRST Robotics Team 2530


Team 2530 participates in multiple community outreach projects in Rochester to give back to the community which has been so supportive. Each month, the team volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House. We bring Tetrix kits to kids with serious ailments and give them a chance to be normal for a few hours: to learn how to build a simple robot, to play and have fun instead of worrying about their next doctor's appointment.

When local Boy Scouts were struggling to earn their Robotics patch, Team 2530 started
a camp to meet the Boy Scouts' requirements. The team runs a Boy Scout Mini-camp in
October to satisfy the needs of local troops. The participants learn basic programming,
electrical and mechanical skills, and enter their robots in a mini competition.

Team 2530 also manages a robotics summer camp in which students build and test a robot using the Tetrix system. During the process, students gain knowledge in the design process, wiring, assembly, gears, and gear systems. Additionally, students learn how to safely operate hand and power tools.

We were very excited to spread the mission of FIRST by initiating a new Jr. FLL program last fall at the Riverside Elementary School in Rochester. As a unique school community, seventy percent of the Riverside students receive free or reduced lunches. The school teachers, parents and students embraced the opportunity to explore their potential through robotics. Two adult mentors provide support and oversight while eight team members mentor thirty-eight 1st through 5th graders that are split out into five Jr. FLL teams. The Riverside Jr. FLL students are so excited to work with our team members each week and love to learn with hands-on activities. By bringing the values of FIRST to these students, they learn the core principles of “Coopertition” and “Gracious Professionalism,” as well as gain confidence in challenges, and understanding the value of teamwork.

“Fix It Fair” is a public event held by the Cascade Meadows Wetlands and Environmental Science Center here in Rochester, MN. Community members are encouraged to bring small appliances and electrical tools that are in need of repair and are salvagable. Community volunteers and Team 2530 members and mentors assist in the repair of these electrical items so that they don’t end up in the local landfills, preventing further polluting of our precious landscape and eco-systems.

FRC and Mayo Clinic have partnered in a toy adaptation project. Around the holidays, donated toys are equipped with radio-controlled switches that make them easy to activate for individuals who have physical impairments. Once complete, the toys are gifted to patients at Mayo Clinic.