FIRST Robotics Team 2530

About our team

FRC® Team 2530, Inconceivable, based in Rochester, Minnesota builds kids who build robots.

We encourage the pursuit of learning through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; additionally we promote Gracious Professionalism, student leadership, and teamwork in all aspects of our students’ lives. We model cooperation as we are composed of 45 students from six schools and mentors from a variety of professions.

Team 2530 operates with strong communication which is crucial in the successful coordination and organization of year-round volunteering events and technical training. With an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, Team 2530 inspires future engineers through community involvement, spreading the message of FIRST®, and meaningful connections with sponsors and mentors.

Team 2530 is comprised of students from three rivaling high schools and two middle schools, we exemplify Coopertition. FRC® is one of the few extracurricular activities that transcends school boundaries and creates a unified team. All school colors and rivalries are set aside for Inconceivable Lime Green.

What We Do

Every year, we are tasked with building a competitive robot within 6 weeks. To manage this time crunch, we split into these different sub-teams:


Branding, graphics, fundraising, sponsorship, media, and a ton of thank you notes. They make making a robot possible.


Designs the robot using Computer Aided Design (CAD), then uses that design to build the robot with power tools.


Develops and tests code for the robot using Java, sometimes acheiving autonomous driving for a while.


Strategizes the best way to gain points by anylyzing previous years and other teams' strategy, then drives.