FIRST Robotics Team 2530

Finite Charge

2020 Infinite Recharge

The goal for this year shoot "Power Cells" into targets to gain points. Our Robot, Darkth Buttercup, could shoot high and low and climb to do endgame. Unfortunately our robot never saw a FIRST feild.

2019 Robot

2019 Deep Space

The goal for this year was to put cargo into cargo holds and secure them with hatch panels. Our Robot, Iocane Powder, could do both and get to level 2 in endgame.

2018 Robot

2018 Power Up

The goal for this year was to gather power cubes in order to gain specific powers. Our robot could manipulate power cubes and elevate to endgame.

2017 Robot

2017 Steamworks

The goal for this year was to shoot whiffle balls into a "boiler" to score points and power up an "air ship" and collect gears to lift off. Our robot could handle gears and low goals.

2016 Robot

2016 Stronghold

The goal for this year was to shoot boulders into the other alliances "tower". Robot could elevate on the other tower to gain points. Our robot could elevate, shoot, and had an advanced drivetrain to avoid obstacles.


2015 Recycle Rush

The goal for this year was to gain points by stacking crates and recycling containers on platforms and disposing of litter. Our robot could do all of this thanks to an extendable arm which could grab onto items.


2014 Aerial Assist

The goal of this season was to score points by shooting balls into targets. Our robot Prince Humperdinck took us to the Minnesota State Competition where we won 2nd place.


2013 Ultimate Ascent

The goal of this year was to shoot frisbees into goals with varying points. Human players could also shoot. We went to the Northern Lights Regional and ranked 30th.

2012 Robot

2012 Rebound Rumble

The goal of this year was to shoot basket balls into hoops to gain varying points. We won 18th place in the Lake Superior Regional.