FIRST Robotics Team 2530

What We Do
Tasked with building a competitive robot in just six weeks, our team focuses on hardware, software, and business to get things done.
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Team 2530 couldn't exist without help from our generous sponsors.
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More than Robots!
Team 2530 partners with schools and nonprofits to spread interest in the city of Rochester.
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Open the door to exciting opportunities with our great group of students and mentors.
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Funded completely off of sponsors and donors, we couldn't exist without donations


See more of the students and robots in action during various competition events.

About Our Team

FIRST FRC® Team 2530, Inconceivable, is based in Rochester, Minnesota and "builds students who build robots".

We encourage the pursuit of learning through science, technology, engineering, aesthetics, and mathematics (STEAM). Additionally, we promote Gracious Professionalism, student leadership, and teamwork in all aspects of our students’ lives. While Team 2530's 45 studens attend three rivaling high schools and two middle schools, we exemplify "Coopertition" among our members. FRC® is one of the few extracurricular activities that transcends school boundaries and creates a unified team. All school colors and rivalries are set aside for Inconceivable Lime Green.

With an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, Team 2530 inspires future business leaders, engineers, graphic artists, and programmers through community involvement, spreading the message of FIRST®, and fostering meaningful connections with sponsors and adult volunteer mentors. Team 2530 operates with strong communication, which is crucial to successfully coordinate and organize year-round volunteer events and technical training.